Post and Couriers

Fulfill customer needs with automated route-planning for your post and couriers.

Import orders with ease & efficiency
  • Input all post & couriers orders from Excel, CVS, using an API integration, or manually 
  • Import customer-specific information into our integrated platform
  • With free time previously spent poring over Excel spreadsheets, maximize the # of deliveries per day
Optimize your post & couriers routes
  • Let the Root Planner automatically organize your daily tasks along the most efficient routes, incorporating high-priority customers 
  • Create specific delivery parameters for certain drivers when desired 
  • Use vehicle tax reports to maximize your tax returns with minimal effort
Live Tracking & Secure Deliveries
  • Oversee exactly where your delivery drivers are; manage who is on time or running late  
  • Ensure secure deliveries with the ability for drivers to capture signatures upon arrival and/or take delivery confirmation photos to send to customers
Keep customers up-to-date
  • Share accurate estimated delivery times with your customers
  • Send email and text message notifications whenever needed

Make your complicated simple


The Most Amazing Route Planning Software

Tired of spending hours trying to map messy delivery routes yourself? Start saving 80% of your time by switching to Sprwt Root Planner. With this smart technology, you can plan your delivery days instantly and optimize your route and operations based on how many drivers you have.

Automatic Route Planner