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Meal Prep Advertising

When we launched Bark, our focus was to help small buisness owners in the meal prep and catering space utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to help increase their sales with a startup budget.

Bark was created with you in mind

There are tens thousands if not hundreds of marketing agencies that want your advertising budgets. They all claim to be experts and have the secret to making your brand successful. Yet when you ask them how many meal prep companies they worked with, odds are you are the first… but wait they have worked with a restaurant once, five years ago.

The Bark digital advertising agency was built from the success of Sprwt, the #1 meal prep software platform. With a network of over 250+ kitchens worldwide and $2m+ in revenue per month, we’ve collected data and learned what it takes to run a successful advertising campaign for any meal prep business model.