Our pricing is simple.

A one-time setup cost of $500 per platform plus a monthly management fee of $2500 per platform.

Services we offer

A holistic marketing approach to growing your online brand

Facebook Advertising

Run campaigns on the Facebook network to target an older population who engages with groups and newsfeed content.

Instagram Advertising

Expand your brand reach with brand awareness campaign and conversion campaigns via stories, reels, and posts. 

Google Advertising

Utilize google search keywords to target users searching for your industry or the shopping network to sell your items directly to your customers.

Email Marketing

Work with our team of content creators to setup sequence campaigns to optimize your customer lead list.

SMS Marketing

Setup SMS templates to deliver to your customers on a recurring basis or one-time delivery to increase revenue and deliver important announcements.

Business Consulting

Work with our team to help you take your brand to the next step. Figure out how to grow your sales, optimize your revenue streams, lower your operational costs, or anything else related to meal prep.